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LifeAir-luftrenare oskadliggör virus

LifeAir-luftrenare testade av Karolinska Institutet

Karolinska Institutet har gjort forskningsstudier, inklusive djurförsök, avseende LifeAir IonFlow-teknologins effekt på smittsamma luftburna virus som influensa-, roto- och caliciavirus samt andra luftburna mikrober.

Studierna bevisar att tekniken effektivt reducerar viruskoncentrationen i luften och oskadliggör 97 procent av virus redan i luften (virus upphör att vara smittsamma). Djurförsök genomfördes och utan luftrenare blev tre av fyra djur smittade via luftburet virus från redan smittade djur. Med LifeAir-luftrenare visade försöken att inget av djuren blev smittade.

I följande dokument kan du läsa mer information om studien:

LifeAir IonFlow luftrenare

Kills flu virus

This year's flu season (2017/2018) is the worst we had for more than a decade and it is already the most widespread on record, and has already caused the deaths of more children than what normally would be expected. The predominant strain of flu virus that we are dealing with this year (influenza A, H3N2) is also the nastiest there is. Unfortunately flu vaccines tend to work better against influenza B and influenza A (H1N1) viruses and offer lower protection against influenza A (H3N2) viruses, which means even people who took the shot are at risk this year.

Scientists prove that LifeAir air purifier kills 97% of virus.

LifeAir IonFlow top 4 feautures:
  1. Kills 97% of airborne virus – stay healthy now
  2. Removes >99% of particles below PM0.1 – stay healthy long-term
  3. Filterless – no filter cost
  4. Soundless at full capacity – no disturbance

Stop the spread of the aggressive 2018 flu now!

Protect yourself and your family from this year particularly aggressive and widespread influenza. LifeAir IonFlow air purifiers offer you unmatched protection against airborne virus infections, which typical HEPA air purifiers don’t deal with. Learn more HERE (pdf).

The only air purifier with scientific proof

The 7-years long scientific study was carried out by recognized scientists at Karolinska Institute, one of the world’s most prestigious medical universities and have been peer reviewed and published in the world's most cited scientific journals, Nature.

Learn more about the study:

Utrag ur rapporten:
By the use of a modified ionizer device we describe effective prevention of airborne transmitted influenza A (strain Panama 99) virus infection between animals and inactivation of virus (>97%). Active ionizer prevented 100% (4/4) of guinea pigs from infection. Moreover, the device effectively captured airborne transmitted calicivirus, rotavirus and influenza virus, with recovery rates up to 21% after 40 min in a 19 m3 room. The ionizer generates negative ions, rendering airborne particles/aerosol droplets negatively charged and electrostatically attracts them to a positively charged collector plate. Trapped viruses are then identified by reverse transcription quantitative real-time PCR. The device enables unique possibilities for rapid and simple removal of virus from air and offers possibilities to simultaneously identify and prevent airborne transmission of viruses.
Läs vidare här https://www.nature.com/articles/srep11431

Så fungerar LifeAir-luftrenare

På ett helt unikt och innovativt sätt renar den luften från främst de minsta partiklarna som också är de som är farligast för vår hälsa.

  1. LifeAir IonFlow patenterade teknologi genererar miljarder elektroner per sekund som omvandlas till negativa joner.
  2. De negativa jonerna laddar partiklar i luften såsom virus, bakterier, avgaser, pollen, allergener etc. negativt.
  3. När partiklarna har blivit negativt laddade attraheras de av den positivt laddade kollektorn som fungerar som en jätte stor magnet för partiklar.
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